3D Mink Lashes

3D Mink lashes are 100% mink and 100% hand crafted to provide the utmost comfort. Luxurious 3D mink lashes are double and triple layered. Mink lashes give the most natural look of all of the false lashes that are on the market. It used to be that older clients were the faithful wearers of mink lashes, however, lash extension users of all ages that are going that natural look go to 3D mink lashes. The attraction of lash extensions made with mink hair is a natural, light and soft quality. Thisquality cannot be acheived from lash extensions made from synthetic material. 3D mink lashes normally last longer because they are so light and natural.

Mink lash extensions are the cream of the crop when it comes to lash extensions. Mink lashes have taken the lead over acrylic lashes, the former leader of pack. Some say that once you go mink, you wont want to try any other type of lash extension. Mink lashes are made from the tails of minks, which is why they are referred to as mink lashes. It is becuase they are made from mink, 3D mink lashes are extremely soft and light, sometimes even softer that human lashes.

extensionsandlashes.com is passionate about providing our customers with the best quality of 3D mink lashes and also want to provide you with the best shopping experience. Shop our 3D mink lash styles today and start your new love of mink lashes.